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Osteopathy Works is an established osteopathic practise, based in the south east Cheshire towns of Alsager and Shavington. If you are looking for a clinic that offers fast, non-intrusive treatment of a variety of pain and movement problems from experienced practitioners, then you have found the right place.

Osteopathy Works is accredited by the Osteopathic Sports Care Association UK and the British Osteopathic Association

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Trusted Osteopathic Clinic in Cheshire

Trusted by national standard athletes, Premier League footballers, kayakers, farmers, GPs, businessmen and women, mountaineers, mums, dads, police officers, production workers and soldiers, Osteopathy Works uses non-invasive massage techniques to relieve pain all over the body. Our services are covered by most major insurance policies. Contact us if you are unsure whether your problem is amenable to osteopathy. We can generally clarify this by a phone call.

Professional Standards

BOA registered osteopathic treatment

It is a common misunderstanding that osteopaths only treat bones. This is not correct. Osteopaths treat the whole body using the hands on techniques of massage, articulation, muscle energy technique and joint manipulation. Other methods, such as cranial osteopathy may also be used and, together they help to heal muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and reduce the effects of arthritis in older people. We train for four years before being awarded a Bachelor of Science, Honours degree in osteopathy (BSc (Hons) Ost). This is the modern equivalent of the old Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O).

We are required by law to commit to continuing professional development (CPD), in order to maintain working standards. As practitioners we are trained to understand and recognise the possible reasons for pain, from tumour and infection through to gall stones and kidney disease, all of which are conditions that need to be referred onwards for appropriate medical help. We commonly work closely with knee, shoulder, spine and hip surgeons, either via the NHS or through private practices.

We follow the NICE guidelines on the management of low back pain and the guidelines on the treatment of impingement syndrome of the shoulder, as set out at the BSO/ AECC conference, 2011, Loughborough university.

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